Supreme Judicial Council Dismisses Complaint Against Senior Justice Tariq Masood

The Supreme Judicial Council has unanimously dismissed the complaint against Senior Justice Tariq Masood of the Supreme Court, according to recent reports. The decision was made during a meeting led by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa, where the council deliberated on the complaint filed by Amina Malik.

Amina Malik had previously filed a complaint against Justice Tariq Masood, prompting the Supreme Judicial Council to initiate an inquiry into the matter. The council has also issued notices to Justice Mazhar Naqvi and the complainants against him, including Amina Malik. The sources suggest that a thorough review of the complaints against Justice Mazhar Naqvi will be conducted after the adjournment.

Amina Malik, who had filed the complaint against Justice Tariq Masood, shared her perspective outside the court, expressing uncertainty about the outcome of her complaint. She mentioned that the Supreme Judicial Council had heard her complaint but added that she was unaware of the decision regarding her case.

This development comes after Justice Mazhar Naqvi, another Supreme Court judge, challenged the proceedings of the Supreme Judicial Council and opted to seek redress from the Supreme Court itself.

In his petition, Justice Mazhar Naqvi asserted that he had not received any notices regarding his assets from the tax authorities. He further argued that the legal action taken against him was an attack on judicial independence, and the Supreme Judicial Council had issued notices without addressing his objections.

The petition also named the Federation, the President of Pakistan, and the Supreme Judicial Council as respondents, alleging a lack of fairness in the process. The request seeks intervention from the apex court, urging it to form a bench to review the proceedings and ensure justice.

The development highlights the intricacies within the judicial system, with judges facing allegations and subsequently challenging the actions taken by the regulatory bodies. As the legal proceedings unfold, the role of the Supreme Judicial Council in addressing complaints against judges continues to be a subject of scrutiny and discussion within the legal and judicial circles.