Renowned singer Atif Aslam has donated 15 million Pakistani Rupees to aid Palestinians in their time of need.

A series of continuous attacks on Palestinians by Israel has resulted in casualties, with the death toll reaching 4,385, including children and women.

Various countries, including Pakistan, are sending humanitarian aid to support the Palestinians in these trying times. Atif Aslam, too, did not stay behind.

Sharing his thoughts on Instagram, Atif Aslam expressed his distress at the images coming from Gaza and highlighted that such a situation could happen to anyone.

He humbly asked for forgiveness from the Muslim community in Palestine, saying, “I ask for forgiveness from all my Palestinian Muslim brothers and sisters. I am not there, and I cannot alleviate your suffering, but you are in my prayers.”

In addition to this, the singer shared another story about the Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan, which had contributed 15 million Rupees for the provision of food and medical assistance to the Palestinians. Atif Aslam expressed his gratitude for this donation, which will serve the noble cause of helping the oppressed Muslim community in Gaza.

Atif Aslam’s posts emphasized the importance of sharing the donation post to reach a wider audience and encourage more people to contribute to the relief efforts for the suffering Palestinian people.