Islamabad High Court Grants Nawaz Sharif Protective Bail in Al Azizia and Avenfield References

In a significant legal development, the Islamabad High Court has halted the potential arrest of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the Al Azizia Steel Mills and Avenfield properties references. The Supreme Court’s directive prevents Nawaz Sharif’s detention upon his return to Pakistan.

The Islamabad High Court granted Nawaz Sharif protective bail until October 24th, safeguarding him from immediate arrest. Nawaz Sharif’s legal team appeared in the court, presenting arguments for his protective bail in the Al Azizia and Avenfield references.

During the hearing, Nawaz Sharif’s lawyers, Amjad Pervaiz and Azam Nazir Tarar, appeared before Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Aamer Farooq and Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb, along with NAB prosecutor Raffique M. Brohi and Faisal Qureshi.

Azam Nazir Tarar, while presenting the case, argued that Nawaz Sharif was summoned by the trial court; however, the warrant had been suspended. Chief Justice Aamer Farooq questioned if they possessed the order in writing. Azam Nazir Tarar confirmed the existence of the order, stating that the lawyers from the accountability court were on their way to submit the document to the court.

Chief Justice Aamer Farooq, after confirming the order, stated that they were granting protective bail for the duration of the case’s hearing. Amjad Pervaiz, Nawaz Sharif’s counsel, informed the court that the trial court had scheduled the case for Tuesday.

NAB prosecutor Raffique M. Brohi clarified that they had no objections to granting protective bail in light of Nawaz Sharif’s return. The Chief Justice inquired if there were any changes in NAB’s stance, to which the prosecutor confirmed there were none.

The Chief Justice further questioned the NAB prosecutor about the directives they had received. The prosecutor informed the court that they had received instructions from the Prosecutor General NAB. Chief Justice Aamer Farooq then advised the prosecutor to inform the court in writing if there were any objections.

Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb emphasized that the court was issuing the order based on the prosecutor’s consent and instructed NAB to present their arguments with evidence if they contested the decision.

This ruling marks a pivotal moment in the legal landscape surrounding Nawaz Sharif. The Islamabad High Court’s decision to grant protective bail ensures that Nawaz Sharif will be shielded from immediate arrest in the mentioned cases, allowing the legal process to proceed while he remains free. The case’s developments will continue to be closely monitored as they unfold.