Maryam Nawaz Addresses Supporters Vows to Restore Nawaz Sharif’s Vision for Pakistan

In a passionate address to supporters, Maryam Nawaz, the senior vice president and chief organizer of the Pakistan Muslim League (N), expressed her determination to bring back the vision of her father, Nawaz Sharif, for Pakistan. She asserted that despite numerous challenges, Nawaz Sharif’s legacy continues to stand strong, and those who attempted to diminish it have failed.

Maryam Nawaz highlighted the issues faced by the common people during the present regime, emphasizing the rise in electricity prices and the cost of essential commodities. She criticized the incumbent government’s policies, pointing out that during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure, the price of sugar was fixed at 50 rupees per kilogram, wheat at 35 rupees per kilogram, and the dollar was kept stable at 99 rupees. Moreover, she mentioned that the power outages, which plagued the nation, were effectively resolved during Nawaz Sharif’s leadership.

Addressing the crowd, Maryam Nawaz passionately stated that Nawaz Sharif’s return was not about power but about the people of Pakistan. She recounted the achievements of Nawaz Sharif’s government, highlighting the initiation of programs like the health card, which aimed to provide free medicines to the needy. She condemned the current government for neglecting these vital initiatives, leading to the suffering of the common citizens.

Referring to the Health Card program, Maryam Nawaz accused the present authorities of snatching free medicines from the poor, a scheme that was established under Nawaz Sharif’s tenure for the welfare of the underprivileged. She reiterated that Nawaz Sharif’s aim was to uplift the nation, focusing on the betterment of people’s lives rather than personal gains.

Maryam Nawaz firmly stated that Nawaz Sharif’s vision for Pakistan was unparalleled, emphasizing that he was not imported from abroad but was rooted in the soil of Pakistan. She challenged those who attempted to undermine Nawaz Sharif’s contributions to the nation, asserting that his return would change the fate of the country.

As Maryam Nawaz prepared the crowd for Nawaz Sharif’s return on October 21st, she urged the people to support his cause. She underlined that Nawaz Sharif’s struggle was not just a political endeavor but a mission to transform Pakistan positively. The supporters listened to her words with anticipation, embodying the hope for a better and brighter future under Nawaz Sharif’s leadership.