Using American weapons against us in Afghanistan, China, Iran and other regional countries wait for their turn, Prime Minister

Islamabad (TV Report) – Interim Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar has expressed concerns over the use of American weaponry left behind in Afghanistan against Pakistan. He stated, “The recent developments in Afghanistan have raised concerns as the American arms abandoned there are now being utilized against Pakistan. China, Iran, and other regional countries will have to wait for their turn. The blame for the losses incurred lies with the institutions involved.”

Kakar emphasized that Pakistan has accelerated its efforts in this regard in the past few days, with the goal of achieving a 5-10% lead in these matters. He added, “We cannot normalize trade relations with India until the Kashmir issue is resolved. We may need to use both force and negotiation options against the TTP and Balochistan insurgents.”

Regarding the judiciary’s announcement of holding elections in 90 days, Kakar stated that he would not remain in office for even a moment longer than what the law permits. “Our tenure is limited by the constitution, and I will not stay in office for a minute longer than allowed. The laws will be followed, and this action is connected to the completion of elections,” he said.

Kakar criticized the existing tax system, pointing out its flaws and inequalities, especially in collecting taxes from the rich and spending them on the poor. He indicated that various options, including imposing special taxes on the wealthy, are under consideration, but this process may take some time.

Regarding the scrutiny of institutions such as the ISI, railways, and other organizations incurring losses, Kakar explained, “The scrutiny process is comprehensive and part of our agenda. We are committed to achieving a 50-60% improvement in these areas, considering the actions taken by previous governments, and we have made significant progress in recent days.”

Addressing the situation in Afghanistan, Kakar said, “We expected that Pakistan’s conditions would improve after the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, it has not. The advanced weaponry left by the United States and NATO is not only a threat to Pakistan but to the entire region, including China and Iran. Their use against us has already begun, and others will have to wait for their turn.”

Regarding negotiations with separatists in Balochistan, Kakar acknowledged the complexity of the issue, stating, “There is significant confusion in this matter. Perhaps some of our friends do not want negotiations with insurgents in Balochistan, whether through the use of force or talks. Both options are available to the state, and we will decide when and which approach will be more beneficial according to our judgment.”

On trade with India, Kakar clarified that the decision lies with Indian policymakers, stating, “This decision lies with Indian policymakers. The international community may see Pakistan as a responsible partner in due course.”

Interim Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar discussed a range of issues, including concerns about the use of American weaponry against Pakistan, efforts to improve various institutions, and the complex challenges in Balochistan and Kashmir. He also emphasized adherence to the constitution and the rule of law in Pakistan’s political landscape.