Karachi and inside Sindh, operation will start in 24 hours, there will be peace soon, provincial interior minister

The Provincial Interior Minister of Sindh, has declared the initiation of a 24-hour security operation in Karachi and Inner Sindh. According to Nawaz, all preparations for the operation have been completed, and it is set to commence either today or tomorrow. New officers are expected to be deployed soon, after which the operation will be executed across both urban and rural areas of the province. This development comes as Sindh appoints capable and professional officers to key positions, with the goal of establishing lasting peace in the region.

Nawaz emphasized that this operation is not driven by political vendettas but is focused solely on maintaining law and order. He made these remarks during a brief interaction with the media at the local press club. The Interior Minister stressed their commitment to transforming Karachi and Inner Sindh into havens of security and stability. Intelligence-based operations will be carried out throughout Sindh, targeting areas like Ghoutki, Kashmore, Jacobabad, and Khairpur. The comprehensive preparations for the operation ensure that it will encompass both premeditated and impromptu actions.

Nawaz reaffirmed that their intent is not to pursue any political revenge. Instead, if there are ongoing cases against any individuals, including those within the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) or other investigative bodies, appropriate legal actions will be taken, but these actions are distinct from the security operation. The primary objective remains the restoration of peace and security in Sindh.

This significant development underscores the government’s commitment to tackling security challenges in Karachi and Inner Sindh and its determination to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. As the operation unfolds, the focus will be on comprehensive intelligence-based actions aimed at curbing criminal activities and establishing lasting peace in the region.