Arif Alvi to assume the role of the Caretaker President

Next week, Arif Alvi will assume the role of the Caretaker President, and he will be bound by a limited role in important national matters. As soon as the schedule for general elections is announced next week, there is a recommendation to relieve the President of his duties. He has failed to perform his role impartially, and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is continuously pressing for his resignation.

Arif Alvi will officially become the Caretaker President of the country next week, and on that day, his formal term will come to an end. In this way, both the Prime Minister and the President in the country will hold the title of “caretaker.”

The neighboring country refers to a caretaker government as a “caretaker government.” In Pakistan, for the first time, both the President and the Prime Minister will be caretakers, but according to presidential sources, President Arif Alvi has not shown an immediate reaction to the recommendations regarding his role.

Reliable sources have indicated that the President has made it clear to the nation that he will only perform a role in national matters when it is absolutely necessary, and his decisions will be implemented when the federal government deems it necessary. President Alvi will remain in his position until the time comes for the election of a new President, which will happen after his constitutional term expires.

This is a critical time for the country as it is moving towards general elections, and the federal caretaker government is working diligently to perform a non-partisan role with utmost integrity. The country is facing severe economic challenges, and there is a pressing need for political stability.

As the President of the nation, there is a general expectation that he will not be influenced by his political affiliations and will take every step to fulfill the legitimate and illegitimate objectives of the party. In these circumstances, the nation expects the President to carry out his role with complete impartiality and integrity.

According to sources, a decision will be made immediately after the completion of President Arif Alvi’s term. It remains to be seen how many days before the announcement of the timing of the upcoming elections, he will step down from his responsibilities.

Due to the absence of the National Assembly, accusations against the President cannot be accepted, and similarly, the absence of provincial assemblies means that the President of the nation is not elected. In these circumstances, questions may arise about the President’s abilities to fulfill his responsibilities, taking into account some provisions of the constitution.

Sources suggest that the President will be advised to gracefully resign from his position before any disciplinary action is taken against him, and he can then enjoy a retired life. If this does not happen, there may be further steps taken against his presidency after his resignation.

Leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have frequently met with President Arif Alvi, and this process is ongoing. Other political parties, on the other hand, do not maintain any contact with him, which raises concerns about his role as President.

The spokesperson for the Presidency has informed the “Central Reporting Cell of the War” that President Arif Alvi has not shown an immediate reaction to the recommendations regarding his role.

It is possible that once the system for general elections is set in motion, they will announce their resignation from their responsibilities regarding the caretaker role. In that case, efforts were made to contact their spokesperson to gather information about President Arif Alvi’s influences, but they were not available.