No one else was involved in the arson, not my workers, Chairman PTI

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, addressed his lack of involvement with individuals implicated in the events of May 9th, stating that he was arrested but did not incite anyone by making phone calls. He clarified that those arrested were not members of his party but were other individuals. For the investigation into the May 9th events, a joint investigative team from the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) spent approximately half an hour on Friday conducting a search of Chairman Imran Khan’s cell in Adiala Jail.

The joint investigative team, including Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Investigation Gheshan Imran, conducted a thorough search of the cell and posed questions to the former Prime Minister. The JIT inquired if there was evidence of you inciting violence on May 9th. In response, Chairman PTI stated that he was arrested and did not incite anyone through phone calls.

The JIT further questioned the presence of videos and clips where protesters mentioned your name. The former Prime Minister replied that he had not incited anyone, and all individuals who attended the containment zone had gone on their own. He emphasized that those individuals were not affiliated with his party, pointing out that they were different individuals altogether.

On Friday, the JIT carried out an inspection of Chairman PTI’s cell in Adiala Jail for approximately half an hour. This scrutiny was part of the investigation into the May 9th events. The JIT included various officials, and they inquired about your involvement and possible instigation during those events. Chairman Imran Khan maintained his position that he was arrested without any active role in incitement.

The investigation seems to be focused on understanding the circumstances surrounding the events of May 9th, evaluating any evidence of provocation or involvement in the incidents. Chairman Imran Khan consistently reiterated that he was apprehended without directly encouraging anyone through phone calls and highlighted the distinction between the individuals arrested and the members of his party. The JIT’s inspection of his cell underscores the authorities’ efforts to comprehensively investigate the matter.