No one else was involved in the arson, not my workers, Chairman PTI

According to details, the joint investigative team, including Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Investigation Gheshan Imran, conducted a thorough search of the cell and posed questions to the former Prime Minister. The JIT inquired if there was evidence of you inciting violence on May 9th. In response, Chairman PTI stated that he was arrested and did not incite anyone through phone calls.

Toshakhana case, the trial court did wrong, we cannot do that, Chief Justice Islamabad High Court

The hearing highlighted the legal intricacies surrounding the suspension of Imran Khan’s sentence. The court acknowledged the request’s status and the approaching final stages of evidence collection. The absence of the Deputy Commissioner on Friday seemed to have influenced the decision to adjourn the hearing until Monday. Despite the option to conclude the proceedings by the following Monday, the court chose not to rush the process. This approach emphasized the court’s dedication to maintaining a fair and thorough examination of the case.

PTI is ready to reconcile between Imran and the establishment

According to party sources, in the absence of imprisoned senior party leadership, including Imran Khan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, and Pervez Elahi, PTI is actively seeking alternative paths and avenues to navigate away from direct confrontation with the establishment, which has been the hallmark of the party’s recent stance.