PTI Ends Relationship with Two UK Lawyers Handling Imran Khan’s UN Case

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) party has officially terminated its association with two lawyers based in the United Kingdom in connection to former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s case before the United Nations. This decision comes in the wake of an exclusive investigation by Geo News, which provided detailed information about the international legal representation for Imran Khan and some of his associates.

The lawyers in question, UK solicitor Rashad Yaqoob and the Human Rights Legal Aid Foundation (HRLAF), along with Pakistan Supreme Court lawyer Azhar Siddique, who is currently based in Manchester, were engaged initially to represent Imran Khan and advocate for his case at international platforms, including the United Nations.

PTI made it clear that neither the party nor its Chairman Imran Khan has any affiliations or connections with HRLAF or Mr. Rashad Yaqoob. They also emphasized that any prior communications or arrangements with HRLAF, Mr. Yaqoob, or anyone associated with them on behalf of PTI and its chairman are now revoked. Furthermore, PTI stated that they are not in any ongoing discussions with HRL.