Netflix series on track and field to illuminate sport’s global appeal, says sebastian coe.

Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics, anticipates that a forthcoming Netflix series dedicated to track and field, with a focus on sprinting, will showcase the sport’s universal allure to a broader audience ahead of the Paris Olympics this summer.

While athletics contends with competition from various sports and activities, Coe believes the series, akin to successful Netflix productions centered around Formula One, golf, and tennis, will capture the imagination of viewers.

Highlighting the sport’s global reach, Coe recalls the diversity and widespread participation observed at last year’s world championships in Budapest, where athletes from 46 countries clinched medals and those from 75 nations secured top-eight finishes.

Coe emphasizes the statistical rigor required to secure a track and field medal, asserting its comparative difficulty against other sports, and underscores the importance of promoting the sport and providing athletes with exposure.

Acknowledging the absence of a dominant figure like Usain Bolt, Coe identifies Noah Lyles, the American sprinter, and other athletes as central figures in the Netflix series, poised to captivate audiences with their stories and competitive prowess.

Lyles, alongside Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs of Italy, lauds the series for offering insight into the athletes’ lives beyond the track, showcasing their dedication and hard work.

Coe expresses confidence that the series will spotlight the exceptional talent and diversity within track and field, despite acknowledging the challenges of retaining athletes in the sport amidst competition from other disciplines.

With plans underway for a second series coinciding with the Paris Olympics, Coe anticipates that the Netflix production will unveil the magnitude of talent within track and field, providing a glimpse into the sport’s captivating world.