Controversial Move: Miss World Pageant’s Final Round in Occupied Kashmir

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in India has taken a controversial step to legitimize its control over the occupied territory of Kashmir and manipulate the global perception by employing a new tactic. This involves utilizing the charm and allure of some of the world’s most beautiful women to achieve its objectives.

According to details, the Indian government has decided that the upcoming Miss World pageant, which is scheduled to take place in India, will have its final round held in Srinagar, a city located in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir region.

After a tourism conference, the authorities of Miss World have announced the transformation of ‘Srinagar into a Military Base,’ as reported by international media. The administrative officials of Miss World, during a press conference in Srinagar, stated that the 71st edition of the Miss World contest will culminate in India.

Julia Morley praised the beauty and culture of occupied Kashmir, stating that people from 140 countries will witness the paradise on Earth. Other participants at the press conference also highlighted the region’s beauty, hospitality, and culture, expressing their eagerness to visit occupied Kashmir along with their families and friends.

The annual Miss World competition will span from mid-November to mid-December, with delegates from around 140 countries participating in the 71st edition, making it the first time that the competition will be hosted in occupied Kashmir since 1996.

The competitions will be held in various Indian cities, including the capital Delhi and Mumbai. However, the final event will take place in Srinagar, the administrative capital of occupied Kashmir.

While the participation of Miss World in occupied Kashmir has yet to draw a reaction from most Muslim-majority countries, some nations might choose to protest against this move, potentially making their discontent known on record.