Meghan Markle Eyes Oscar Glory in Her Acting Comeback


In a surprising turn of events, Meghan Markle is reportedly setting her sights on one of Hollywood’s most prestigious honors, the Oscar Awards, as she contemplates a return to acting. According to a report from Life & Style magazine, Meghan is currently engaged in discussions with renowned directors and exploring potential projects to mark her reentry into the acting world.

An insider close to the situation revealed that Meghan is planning what could be considered the ultimate “acting comeback,” buoyed by the resurging popularity of her previous show, Suits.

The insider emphasized that Meghan, despite receiving acting offers in the past, has only recently rekindled her interest in the field. The source also shed light on Meghan’s motivation, stating, “Suits is such a hit in reruns that Meghan’s being told there’s a demand from fans to see her act again,” and she is genuinely excited about this prospect.

For those who may not recall, Suits achieved significant success on Netflix, particularly after Meghan’s marriage into the Royal Family.

While Meghan would welcome a new television role, her true aspiration is to immerse herself in a dramatic film project. As the insider explained, “She thinks an Oscar could be in her future.”

Over the past five years, Meghan reportedly received numerous offers but declined them as she was committed to adapting to royal life and later exploring a new path in Hollywood alongside Prince Harry.

However, the situation has evolved. With other opportunities dwindling, Meghan is actively pursuing acting roles and engaging in discussions with prominent directors and producers. Importantly, Prince Harry is said to be fully supportive of her return to acting, understanding that it’s her true passion and an area where she has always excelled. Meghan Markle appears poised for an exciting new chapter in her career, one that could potentially lead her to Hollywood’s most coveted prize.”