Federal Minister Sets Deadline to End Electricity Theft

Federal Minister for Energy, Owais Ahmed Khan Leghari, has taken a stern stance against electricity theft, setting a deadline of April 23 for its eradication. In a decisive move, he has instructed the chairmen and CEOs of all Distribution Companies (DISCOs) to take immediate action to eliminate this longstanding issue.

The Power Division, under the directive of the Federal Minister, has issued a statement emphasizing the urgent need for strict measures against electricity theft. Leghari has expressed dissatisfaction with the current efforts to curb this practice, citing inconsistencies between reported data and actual losses due to theft.

As part of the crackdown, Special Enforcement Zones (SEZs), Area Executive Engineers (AXEs), and Sub-Divisional Officers (SDOs) across all DISCOs have been tasked with providing certificates of non-theft in their respective areas. These certificates will be thoroughly scrutinized by Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and submitted to the Ministry for review.

Furthermore, the energy minister has pledged to monitor performance on a weekly basis, leaving no room for complacency. Any lapses or failures to comply with directives will be met with swift legal and disciplinary action against departmental officials.

Leghari has underscored the seriousness of the issue by announcing plans to amend existing laws to impose harsh penalties on individuals involved in electricity theft. These amendments will aim to enhance deterrence and ensure the effective enforcement of regulations to prevent dismissal.

The Federal Minister’s proactive approach reflects the government’s commitment to tackling the longstanding problem of electricity theft head-on. By setting a clear deadline and implementing stringent measures, Leghari aims to restore accountability, deterrence, and integrity within the energy sector.