Iqrarul hassan’s third marriage sparks social media debate.

The recent announcement of Iqrarul Hassan’s third marriage to Aroosa Khan, a former host and reporter of a private TV channel, has once again thrust the anchor into the spotlight. Known for his multiple marriages, Iqrarul Hassan is currently dividing his time between his wives Qurat and Aroosa Khan in Karachi, often seen alongside his son Pehlaj during various television appearances.

In a recent development, both of his wives made a joint appearance on a program, captivating audiences with their matching black outfits. While Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar looked stunning as ever, Aroosa Khan also attracted attention during her inaugural television appearance alongside Iqrarul Hassan. The circulating pictures from the event have ignited discussions on social media platforms.

Social media users have been sharing humorous comments, with some speculating on Aroosa Khan’s demeanor in the presence of Qurat Ul Ain. Others have reflected on the perceived significance of the first wife in such scenarios, suggesting that Qurat Ul Ain holds a special place in Iqrarul Hassan’s life.

One particular comment humorously remarked, “the second wife didn’t attend because she didn’t have a black outfit to match with them.” Amidst these discussions, fans have expressed varying opinions, with some endorsing Iqrarul Hassan’s lifestyle choices, while others advocate for monogamy, citing its simplicity.

As debates continue to unfold on social media platforms, Iqrarul Hassan’s personal life remains a topic of interest, evoking a range of reactions from followers across the digital sphere.