My husband is the cook of the house, I don’t even know how to boil water, Kareena Kapoor


Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor recently participated in an event in New Delhi, where she engaged in a candid conversation about her personal and professional life. During the discussion, Kareena revealed some interesting insights into her life, including her husband Saif Ali Khan’s culinary skills.

She mentioned that Saif is quite adept at cooking and often prepares delicious meals. Kareena emphasized that they strive to take time off work on their days off and spend quality time together at home. She shared that Saif frequently expresses a desire to meet his friends, which in her opinion, indicates his maturity and the evolving phase of his life.

Kareena humorously disclosed that Saif’s cooking skills extend beyond basic dishes – he can whip up a variety of cuisines, including pasta and pizza. She explained that they typically explore recipes together and then make an effort to prepare the dish.

In a departure from the norm, Kareena highlighted their down-to-earth approach to entertaining guests. Instead of inviting people to restaurants, they prefer inviting them home and enjoying a meal together. She went on to mention that she is fortunate to have a husband and a cook who take care of preparing meals, leaving her with little need to even boil water.

Kareena’s remarks reflect a balance between her high-profile career and her private life. The revelation of Saif’s culinary talents adds a delightful touch to their relationship dynamics, showing a different side to the celebrity couple. Her anecdotes also underscore the importance of nurturing personal connections and taking a break from hectic schedules to enjoy simple pleasures.

This conversation sheds light on Kareena Kapoor’s relatable perspective on family life and her approach to maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. It also provides a glimpse into the couple’s lifestyle and their preference for intimate gatherings over extravagant restaurant outings. Overall, Kareena’s candid insights offer fans a more humanizing glimpse into her world beyond the glamour of the silver screen.