If I was in place of the President, i would have resigned and gone home, the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Haji Ghulam Ali, has made significant statements regarding the constitutional role of the President, the need for investigations, and the state of politics in Pakistan. He emphasized that President Arif Alvi’s recent remarks have caused economic and political turbulence, warranting a thorough investigation. He suggested that if the President were in his position, he might have chosen to resign rather than tweeting controversial statements.

Governor Ghulam Ali expressed concern over the prolonged political wrangling that has occurred due to the absence of local elections, suggesting that it would be better to delay elections for a couple of months than to endure five years of political strife without electoral representation. He highlighted the responsibility of the Election Commission to swiftly complete constituency delimitation and prepare for elections.

Referring to incidents of violence and unrest on May 9 and 10, Governor Ghulam Ali criticized the spread of lawlessness through these events and called for a focus on non-violence in political discourse. He underscored that political parties that adopted violent paths have met their end, and cautioned against fomenting dissent within institutions and attacking places like the Corps Commander House.

Governor Ghulam Ali discussed the importance of economic stability in the backdrop of encouraging business and foreign investment. He mentioned that the business community is regaining confidence, and the federal government is establishing authorities to facilitate foreign investment, which requires political stability. He argued that political feuds deter investors from engaging with countries undergoing such turmoil.

Regarding the upcoming elections, he acknowledged the urgency of holding them within three months as required, but also raised concerns about technical issues arising due to delimitation processes. He called on the Election Commission to expedite the process to avoid further delays. He warned that without timely elections, the country might experience five years of political discord.

Governor Ghulam Ali criticized political parties resorting to violence and pointed out that those who adopted such paths have ceased to exist. He condemned actions that disrespect institutions and harm social fabric. He concluded by highlighting his decades of political experience and his commitment to engaging with the people, emphasizing his reputation as a people-centric governor.

This comprehensive statement by Governor Haji Ghulam Ali offers insight into the complexities of Pakistan’s political landscape, the challenges of conducting fair elections, and the importance of maintaining political stability for economic growth and foreign investment.