Pakistani film ‘Wakhri’ premieres at SXSW festival in North America.

The Pakistani film industry achieves a remarkable milestone as ‘Wakhri’ officially debuts in North America at the esteemed SXSW festival on March 8, 2024. This significant premiere coincides with International Women’s Day, adding a poignant dimension to the film’s narrative.

Directed by Bilal and Merchant, ‘Wakhri’ marks their second project showcased at SXSW, following the success of ‘I’ll Meet You There,’ which was a Grand Jury Award Nominee at SXSW 2020.

The North American unveiling of ‘Wakhri’ at SXSW represents a groundbreaking moment for Pakistani cinema. As one of the world’s most prestigious festivals, SXSW serves as a platform for highlighting under-the-radar films, making it an ideal launchpad for ‘Wakhri.’

Featuring a compelling storyline, stellar performances, and an exploration of universal themes, ‘Wakhri’ emerges as a significant cultural export from Pakistan. It underscores the country’s rich cinematic talent while contributing to the global discourse on women’s empowerment and social change.

Director Bilal describes ‘Wakhri’ as having a DNA that empowers not only women but also individuals who feel marginalized and judged by society. It is a narrative that celebrates the resilience of misfits, resonating with audiences worldwide.