Search continues for 24 missing fishermen in indonesia after boat sinks.

Rescue teams are intensifying efforts to locate 24 fishermen who remain missing after their boat sank over the weekend in central Indonesia. Hopes for their survival have been bolstered by the recent discovery of 11 survivors, who were found floating at sea after enduring three days adrift.

The incident occurred near Selayar Island, situated off South Sulawesi province, when the boat carrying 37 crew members sank on Saturday. Eleven survivors wearing life jackets were spotted by local fishermen only on Tuesday, while two crew members were found deceased.

“We received the report of the boat sinking from those who survived on Tuesday,” stated Andi Sultan, head of the local operation division, as reported by Reuters.

Efforts to locate the missing fishermen are being supported by naval and fishing vessels. Local media coverage depicted navy personnel recovering the body of one of the deceased crew members, wrapped in an orange sheet, from the water.

The ill-fated boat had departed from Jakarta on March 3, bound for waters off Lombok island, located approximately 1,000 km (621 miles) away. According to Andi, the vessel capsized midway through the journey due to high waves and strong winds.

Indonesia’s rainy season, which commenced in January, is expected to reach its peak this month, particularly affecting the islands of Java and Sumatra.