Chahat fateh ali khan’s ‘bado badi’ goes viral with 19 million views.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s latest song, “Bado Badi,” has taken the internet by storm, garnering 19 million views within just one month of its release. The popular singer featured his friend as a model in the YouTube video, which has rapidly gained international traction.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has established himself as a social media sensation and a talented singer, known for his viral renditions of popular songs. His passion for music is well-recognized within the industry.

International Trendsetter

“Bado Badi” is not only trending internationally but also inspiring a wave of content creation. Social media users, digital creators, and fellow musicians are creating reels based on the song. In India, the song’s influence is particularly strong, with content creators and celebrities actively engaging with Khan’s work, even revisiting his earlier songs.

Prominent artists like Diljit Dosanjh and Guru Randhawa have also joined the trend, making their own reels on “Bado Badi.” Additionally, many users are sharing the original version of the song, famously sung by Madam Noor Jehan, and exploring personal details about Khan in their short videos.

Nostalgic References

Fans are also reminiscing about Tahir Shah, drawing parallels between the two artists’ viral successes. “Bado Badi” continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide, reinforcing Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s status as a prominent figure in the music and social media landscapes.