Consumption of turmeric can also cause death, but how?

Turmeric is a natural spice with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties, but its indiscriminate use can also lead to adverse effects. Throughout history, a concoction of turmeric and milk has been consumed to alleviate various ailments and injuries, which is indeed a time-tested remedy. However, its utilization without proper medical guidance can potentially lead to complications.

Recent research in Australia has shed light on potential liver issues arising from excessive turmeric consumption. The Australian Medical Regulatory Authority reported receiving 18 cases from Australian citizens linking liver problems to the use of herbal supplements containing turmeric derived from its plant. The regulatory body has suggested that there is significant evidence linking turmeric to liver damage in these cases, with curcumin, a major component found in turmeric, being a possible cause.

In these reported instances, no other contributing factors were identified that could have caused the liver issues, and in fact, one case resulted in the unfortunate death of an individual due to liver complications.

The Australian Medical Authority has cautioned that herbal remedies and supplements containing turmeric or curcumin can potentially harm the liver. The concern is that such products can be purchased without a prescription from various markets, health food stores, and pharmacies without a specific brand label. However, it’s worth noting that the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods contains over 600 medications that include these components.

Currently, there is ongoing research to determine whether warning labels should be applied to packaging of such products containing turmeric or curcumin, especially given the symptoms of liver issues, including jaundice, dark urine, nausea, vomiting, unusual fatigue, or weakness.

Authorities have clarified that normal dietary consumption of turmeric poses no significant risks, as turmeric has been part of traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. It has been used both as a spice in cuisines and as a medicinal herb.

In conclusion, while turmeric does offer health benefits, its excessive and unregulated use can potentially lead to liver issues. It’s essential to exercise caution and consult medical professionals before incorporating high doses of turmeric or curcumin-containing supplements into one’s diet.