Actress Momina Iqbal Shares Pleasant Video on Instagram

Actress Momina Iqbal delighted her fans on Instagram by sharing a video in which she can be seen holding a smartphone with a cheerful demeanor.

Accompanying the video, Momina penned down verses that beautifully capture the essence of her presence:

The winds sway upon touching her,
But she just smiles and brings the rains.”

Momina Iqbal shared this video a few hours ago, and it has already garnered praise from thousands of viewers, with appreciative comments pouring in. Known for her active presence on social media, Momina frequently shares glimpses of her life, which are well-received by her admirers.

Prior to this, she has also shared images that quickly went viral. It’s worth noting that Momina Iqbal portrayed the negative character of “Falk” in the drama serial “Ehsaan Faramosh.”

The cast of the drama included Humayun Ashraf, Mashal Khan, Salman Saeed, Daniya Anwar, Atiqa Odho, Humaira Asghar, Zafar Mahmood, Sadaf Asim, Jawed Iqbal, Rohi Ghazal, and others.

Momina’s engaging presence on social media platforms continues to captivate her audience, and her recent video adds to the allure, showcasing her charm and charisma in a delightful manner.