Angelina Jolie counters Brad Pitt’s claims on chateau Miraval agreement.

Angelina Jolie has responded to Brad Pitt’s claims about an “agreement” concerning their jointly owned vineyard, Chateau Miraval, in the south of France.

In recently filed court documents, the Maleficent star asserts that there was no “contract” signed by Pitt regarding the winery’s sale, nor was there an “oral agreement” alleged by him.

Previously, Pitt had maintained that he and Jolie had decided not to sell their shares without consulting each other during their marriage. However, Jolie went on to sell her stake in Château Miraval to Russian liquor giant Stoli after their contentious divorce in 2016, leading to a dispute with Pitt.

Now, Jolie has revealed that there was no such agreement with Pitt preventing her from selling her portion of the winery.

As per Radar Online, the court documents state that Pitt has not presented “any written contract memorializing this alleged agreement.”

“Furthermore, he did not even claim the existence of an oral agreement. Instead, Pitt suggested that, based solely on their conduct, he and Jolie somehow understood that Jolie had granted him the specific right to approve or disapprove of any attempt by her to sell her interest in the property, regardless of their relationship status,” explained Jolie’s attorney