Veteran actor nauman ijaz admits to real beatings of son in ‘sang e mah’ drama serial scenes.

In a recent revelation, Zaviyar Nauman, son of veteran actor Nauman Ijaz, disclosed in an interview that he was indeed physically beaten by his father during the filming of action scenes in the super-hit drama serial “Sang e Mah.”

The drama garnered widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. However, it appears that the authenticity of some of the scenes came at a personal cost to Zaviyar.

Recalling his experiences, Zaviyar shared that Nauman Ijaz, in his commitment to realism, actually slapped him during three separate action scenes. In one particular instance, Nauman informed Zaviyar that he would deliver a real blow, challenging his son to react naturally by stopping his hand.

Despite the physicality of the scenes, Zaviyar expressed gratitude for the opportunity to deliver authentic performances, stating, “I was appreciated for giving the natural scene.”

However, the realism of the acting came at a price, as Zaviyar admitted to being slapped two more times during the shooting. He described one instance where the slap was so intense that genuine tears welled up in his eyes, adding depth to the emotional portrayal on screen.

While the revelation sheds light on the dedication of actors like Nauman Ijaz to their craft, it also raises questions about the boundaries between realism and safety in the entertainment industry.

In light of these revelations, it’s evident that the impact of authentic performances can sometimes extend beyond the screen, leaving a lasting impression on those involved in their creation.