Police successfully thwart terrorist attack on Qabul khel check post.

In a courageous response, law enforcement authorities have successfully repelled a terrorist assault on the Qabul Khel check post. In the early hours of Monday, a group of approximately twelve terrorists orchestrated a coordinated attack from three different directions. Taking advantage of the cover of darkness, they attempted to overrun the check post. However, the police swiftly retaliated, engaging the assailants in a fierce gun battle that ultimately forced them to retreat.

Following the thwarted attack, the police have initiated a comprehensive search operation in the surrounding area with the aim of apprehending the fleeing terrorists. Punjab Inspector General of Police, Dr. Usman Anwar, expressed admiration for the bravery exhibited by the police force in preventing the terrorist strike. Emphasizing the commitment of Punjab Police to safeguarding border areas, he asserted that they will not permit terrorists to sow unrest within the country.