After Five Decades, Sindh High Court Resolves Fatima Jinnah’s Heritage Property Dispute

mohata palace

In a landmark decision handed down by the Sindh High Court on Thursday, Mohatta Palace, also known as Qasr-e-Fatima, is poised to undergo a remarkable transformation. The court has ruled that this historic site will no longer serve its previous purpose but will instead be repurposed as an institution of learning, exclusively for girls pursuing careers in medicine and dentistry.

This decision comes after a protracted legal battle that has spanned an astonishing 52 years. The focal point of contention revolved around the fate of this cherished property, historically associated with Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, located in Clifton.

Significantly, back in 2021, a judge, Justice Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan, proposed that the envisaged college should encompass residential facilities. This proposal was the result of amicable negotiations between the parties involved, ultimately leading to a consensus on establishing a medical and dental college.

Crucially, the court has determined that the individuals who raised objections and pursued legal action lacked substantial grounds for their claims. The court reasoned that the property in question is privately owned, and those objecting did not possess any particular connection to it. Consequently, they were not in a position to dictate its future use.

Furthermore, the court expressed its view that it is quite remarkable that, out of the extensive land granted by the founders of Pakistan, only a small portion, represented by Qasar-e-Fatima, is being allocated for such a noble purpose as education. The court underscored the importance of recognizing and appreciating this generosity.

Notably, this legal saga has been under the jurisdiction of the court since 1971, and it has now entered its concluding phase. In an act of goodwill, the legal heirs, related to Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, have acquiesced, expressing no objections or claims over Qasar-e-Fatima (Mohatta Palace), provided that its use aligns with her intentions, particularly for the establishment of a Medical and Dental College.

This momentous decision heralds a new chapter in the history of Mohatta Palace, one that promises to empower future generations of young women in their pursuit of medical and dental careers. Stay tuned for further developments on this transformative initiative.