8th Faiz festival draws diverse crowds to alhamra art center for three days of cultural bliss.

The Alhamra Art Center witnessed a bustling congregation of individuals from various backgrounds, converging to partake in the festivities of the 8th Faiz Festival. This three-day celebration of culture and literature is set to culminate on Sunday, offering attendees a plethora of cultural experiences and literary activities.

The festival’s allure lies in its promise of a cultural extravaganza featuring literary dialogues, music performances, theatre, book launches, documentaries, dances, drum circles, workshops, open mic sessions, and a profound discussion on the future of Pakistani films.

Delegates from across the globe, including India, are actively participating in the literary sessions held on the picturesque lawns of Alhamra.

Kicking off on Friday, the festival opened with an exhibition titled ‘Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahi,’ showcasing artworks by 38 talented women artists. The exhibition’s title is inspired by Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s ghazal of the same name, encapsulating themes of hope and resilience. Salima Hashmi, expressing her sentiments, highlighted that the exhibition pays homage to the struggles of living women artists who convey hope and resilience through their creative expressions.

The festival welcomed Indian artists Dr Malia, Arvinder Chamak, Owais Bala, and Iqbal Fareed, adding an international flair to the event. Arvinder Chamak, a poet hailing from Amritsar, paid a heartfelt tribute to Faiz Ahmad Faiz during his remarks.

The opening day featured the play ‘Bullah’ by Ajoka Theatre and an enchanting qawwali performance by the Sabri Brothers, who traveled from England to captivate the audience with their musical prowess.

With a lineup of 32 sessions, the festival explores diverse themes in art, literature, language, politics, and poetry.

The second day promises engaging discussions, outdoor performances, theatre, qawwali, food stalls, cultural items, clothing stalls, drum circles, open mic sessions, and various other activities.

Organized annually by the Faiz Foundation Trust in collaboration with the Lahore Arts Council (LAC), the festival attracts the presence of eminent Pakistani intellectuals such as Mushtaq Soofi, Dr Sughra Sadaf, Iftikhar Arif, Hina Jilani, and Zehra Nigah, adding intellectual depth to this vibrant cultural celebration.