Actress Kubra Khan Opens Up About Uncomfortable Experience with Item Song Performance

Actress Kubra Khan recently shared her experience of discomfort while performing an item song titled “Dhadak Bharak” for the film “Superstar.” In an interview, she revealed that despite feeling uneasy about the suggestive lyrics and narrative direction provided by the director, she prepared herself for the performance.

Kubra Khan expressed that initially, she didn’t realize she would be performing an item song, but upon arriving at the shooting set, she sensed her role would be more than just a regular appearance.

During the shooting of the song, Kubra mentioned feeling surrounded by numerous men, some of whom made inappropriate gestures, leading her to shed tears. She highlighted the discomfort caused by such situations and the emotional toll it took on her during the filming process.

The actress clarified that while she has no objection to dancing, she finds the lyrics of such songs controversial and vulgar. She emphasized that item numbers should not include such inappropriate lyrics and content. Kubra stated her intention to continue performing dance sequences but expressed her reluctance to participate in item songs that feature objectionable poetry.

Kubra Khan’s candid revelation sheds light on the challenges and dilemmas faced by actresses in the film industry when it comes to performing item numbers. It brings attention to the need for a more nuanced approach to songwriting and choreography in Bollywood, where artistic expression can be balanced with respect for performers’ comfort and dignity.

Her stance underscores the importance of promoting a culture of respect and professionalism within the entertainment industry, where artists feel empowered to voice their concerns and advocate for changes that align with their values and principles.