Violent clash erupts between PPP and MQM-P workers during Karachi election campaign.

A fatal clash unfolded on Sunday night in Karachi as Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) workers clashed during an election campaign for the upcoming February 8 general election, as reported by Dunya News. The incident occurred in the Nazimabad No 2 area, where PPP workers engaged in aerial firing during an MQM-P rally, resulting in the death of one MQM-P worker and the injury of another.

The victims were swiftly transported to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. In the aftermath of the clash, infuriated MQM-P workers set ablaze 10 vehicles. Responding to the situation, a substantial deployment of police and Rangers arrived at the scene to restore order.

Taha Siddiqui, a member of the MQM-P Rabita Committee, addressed the media, asserting that armed individuals affiliated with the PPP initiated gunfire at their rally in Nazimabad No 2. This unfortunate incident led to the demise of Faraz, an MQM-P worker, and left another individual wounded. Siddiqui cautioned that the PPP cannot establish control over the city through acts of terrorism. Additionally, he revealed that the deceased was the sector in charge of the area.