FBR Customs Service Officers Unite Against Suspensions and Transfers: Upholding Collective Interests

In a unified stance against the suspensions and transfers of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) officers, a unanimous resolution has been issued by the FBR Customs Service officers. The resolution, submitted to the Executive Committee of the Association of Customs Officers, underscores the responsibility of the association to safeguard the collective interests and reputation of the officers amidst recent profiling and disciplinary actions.

At the heart of the resolution lies the assertion that all public servants, including FBR officers, are entitled to protection under the Civil Servants Act. It raises concerns over the profiling of FBR officers, citing an improper process that has been executed in an arbitrary and non-transparent manner. Such profiling, according to the resolution, not only undermines the reputation of the FBR but also tarnishes the standing of its dedicated officers.

The resolution also denounces the media trial targeting FBR officers, emphasizing the detrimental impact on their morale, particularly in the face of challenging economic circumstances. In light of these developments, the resolution emphasizes the need for officers to maintain focus on meeting revenue targets and calls for transparency and accountability in the profiling process.

Furthermore, the resolution urges the FBR Chairman to fulfill his responsibilities in accordance with the law. It calls for detailed information on existing profiling to be provided by the FBR, enabling officers to address any bases or evidence presented against them. Through this proactive approach, the resolution seeks to uphold the rights and interests of FBR officers while ensuring adherence to legal procedures and principles of justice.

The resolution serves as a unified voice of FBR Customs Service officers, advocating for fairness, transparency, and accountability in disciplinary actions and profiling processes. By standing together, the officers aim to protect their collective interests and uphold the integrity of the FBR, reaffirming their commitment to serving the nation with dedication and professionalism.