Ghotki Police Requests Deployment of Military Officials for Election Security

In a proactive move to ensure the security and peaceful conduct of upcoming elections, the Ghotki police, under the leadership of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Anwar Khaitran, has written a letter to the Deputy Inspector General (DIG), apprising him of the prevailing law and order situation in the region. The letter explicitly seeks the deployment of military officials during the electoral process.

SSP Khaitran highlighted in the letter the imperative nature of military deployments during elections, emphasizing that such measures are unavoidable to establish and maintain peace and security. He underscored the challenges faced in the past, where grand operations yielded limited positive results, and criminal gangs continued to perpetrate crimes, including the abduction of citizens along the Sukkur-Multan Motorway.

The letter expressed concern over the rising influence of criminal gangs engaged in extortion and land-grabbing activities, weakening the state’s authority. The situation has been further exacerbated by the audacious acts of these gangs, who are not only resisting law enforcement but also resorting to the killing of innocent citizens. Several police officers have tragically lost their lives, and there is a prevailing sense of fear and intimidation among the residents due to frequent incidents of abductions for ransom.

The plea for military deployment is rooted in the need to counter the menace of criminal gangs undermining the state’s control and inflicting harm on the local population. The recent trend of brazen criminal activities, including attacks on law enforcement personnel, has necessitated a robust response to restore law and order.

As the election season approaches, the letter serves as a stark reminder of the delicate security situation in Ghotki, urging decisive action to ensure the safety of citizens and the integrity of the electoral process. The request for military involvement reflects the collaborative effort required to address complex security challenges and safeguard the democratic exercise of free and fair elections.