Intra-Party Criticism: PML-N Leader Daniel Aziz Targets Senior Colleague Ahsan Iqbal

In a recent development within the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), leader Daniel Aziz has taken a sharp dig at his own party’s senior figure, Ahsan Iqbal, criticizing his approach towards municipal governments. Aziz asserted that Ahsan Iqbal, a seasoned politician, needs to exhibit greater prudence in understanding local governance before making public statements.

Daniel Aziz expressed his discontent, stating that Ahsan Iqbal should respond to issues related to local governments before initiating discussions on the matter. This internal critique within the PML-N sheds light on apparent differences of opinion regarding the party’s stance on municipal governance.

The criticism specifically targeted Ahsan Iqbal’s role as the Chairman of the Price Monitoring Committee, questioning why he couldn’t effectively control inflation. Aziz questioned Iqbal’s effectiveness in addressing rising prices, attributing the perceived failure to Iqbal’s leadership during his tenure as the committee’s chairman.

Furthermore, Aziz raised questions about Ahsan Iqbal’s performance in the context of the PML-N’s historical track record in managing inflation. He emphasized that the party, under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, had a commendable record in controlling inflation, contrasting it with what he described as Ahsan Iqbal’s complete failure.

The critique extended to Ahsan Iqbal’s role during the alliance between PML-N and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in elections. Despite the strategic alliance, Aziz suggested that Ahsan Iqbal’s leadership did not effectively control inflation, resulting in severe repercussions for the party’s popularity, especially among the economically distressed population.

Aziz pointed out that if the PML-N had taken note of inflation issues, Ahsan Iqbal would have likely faced consequences for his perceived failure. However, he emphasized that regardless of the party’s stance on inflation, the public would express their concerns through votes.

The intra-party criticism from Daniel Aziz towards Ahsan Iqbal highlights internal dissent within the PML-N regarding the party’s approach to municipal governance and inflation management. The public airing of grievances underscores the significance of these issues within the party’s discourse, potentially impacting its image and cohesion in the eyes of the public.