Pakistan celebrates lnternational day of education emphasizing learning for lasting peace.

Pakistan joined countries worldwide in marking the International Day of Education on Wednesday, engaging in various activities to underscore the pivotal role of education in fostering peace and development. The day was commemorated through seminars, conferences, discussions, rallies, and competitions, aligning with this year’s theme, “Learning for Lasting Peace,” which focuses on the youth’s voices to illuminate the path to global harmony.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) dedicated this year’s International Day of Education to highlight the crucial role of education and teachers in countering hate speech, a growing phenomenon amplified by social media, impacting the fabric of societies.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed January 24 as the International Day of Education, recognizing education as a human right, a public good, and a public responsibility. Inclusive, equitable, and quality education is seen as essential for achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty.

According to UNESCO, 250 million children and youth are out of school, and 763 million adults are illiterate. The world is witnessing a surge in violent conflicts, accompanied by a rise in discrimination, racism, and hate speech, transcending boundaries of geography, gender, race, religion, and politics.

The UNESCO Recommendation on Education for Peace, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development underscores the centrality of education in fostering an active commitment to peace. Learning for peace is considered transformative, empowering learners with knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, and behaviors to become agents of peace in their communities. The International Day of Education serves as a reminder of the ongoing global efforts to address educational challenges and promote learning for a more peaceful and sustainable world.