Indonesia’s finance minister dismisses resignation rumors amidst political speculation.

Amidst reports suggesting her potential resignation ahead of the February 14 presidential election, Indonesia’s Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, remains steadfast in her role of managing state finances, as affirmed by her ministry in a statement on Friday.

The statement from the ministry emphasized Minister Sri Mulyani’s commitment to handling state finances professionally and responsibly, adhering to principles of good governance and regulations. Furthermore, it noted her active engagement, stating, “Upon her return from Davos, today she attended three internal meetings with the president and the cabinet at the palace.”

Speculation has circulated that Sri Mulyani Indrawati might be one of several ministers contemplating resignation due to discontent over outgoing President Joko Widodo’s political maneuvers aimed at retaining influence post his departure from office in October.

In response to these speculations, the president’s office asserted on Thursday that the cabinet remains “solid.” The situation continues to unfold against the backdrop of heightened political dynamics leading up to the upcoming presidential election.