Mark knopfler auctions iconic guitar collection for charity at London’s christie’s.

Renowned British musician and former Dire Straits frontman, Mark Knopfler, is set to part ways with a significant portion of his extensive guitar collection, with a London auction scheduled at Christie’s on January 31. Aiming to benefit charity, the collection showcases pivotal guitars from Knopfler’s illustrious 50-year career and is currently on display at Christie’s auction house.

Kerry Keane, Christie’s specialist consultant for musical instruments, described the collection as a “wonderful assortment of 122 items from Mark Knopfler, spanning his entire career. It physically represents his journey as a musician and a contributor to our shared musical tapestry.”

Among the highlights is a 1983 red Schecter Telecaster-style guitar, utilized in recording Dire Straits’ hit “Walk of Life” and featured in its iconic music video, estimated at £4,000 – £6,000 ($5,072 – $7,609). The 1983 Gibson Les Paul Standard ’59 reissue, famous for the track “Money for Nothing” and its memorable guitar riff, carries an estimate of £6,000 – £8,000.

Notably, an original 1959 Gibson Les Paul, extensively used by Knopfler in the 2000s, is expected to command the highest price at the auction, with estimates ranging from £300,000 to £500,000. Christie’s specialist head of private and iconic collections, Amelia Walker, emphasized the instrument’s intrinsic value, even without its association with Mark Knopfler.

For Dire Straits enthusiasts with varying budgets, the auction also features more accessible lots, including a balalaika valued at £300-£500. The sale promises a unique opportunity for fans and collectors alike to acquire a piece of music history while contributing to charitable causes.