Urgent Need for Timely Diagnosis and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes in Pakistani Children.

Health experts in Pakistan highlight the critical issue of timely diagnosis and treatment for an estimated 100,000 children with Type 1 diabetes in the country. Lack of awareness among parents and healthcare professionals often leads to delayed diagnoses, putting children at risk. Symptoms such as sudden weight loss, frequent urination, extreme hunger, and mood changes should prompt parents to seek immediate medical attention from qualified physicians. Unfortunately, many children remain undiagnosed and succumb to the disease within days of onset.

In a media briefing, diabetologists emphasized the importance of raising awareness about Type 1 diabetes symptoms and educating parents to recognize early signs. Prof. Abdul Basit, head of Changing Diabetes in Children, stated that timely diagnosis and treatment with insulin could save lives. The initiative aims to provide free insulin to approximately 3,000 children across the country, particularly those whose parents cannot afford the life-saving medication.

The Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan, Jakob Linulf, expressed concern over the lack of awareness, resulting in the deaths of numerous children who could be saved with proper diagnosis and insulin treatment. He stressed the need for parental education and physician training to ensure early detection and adherence to treatment guidelines.

Changing Diabetes in Children has established 16 centers across various regions in Pakistan, covering provinces such as Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the federal capital, Islamabad. These centers aim to enroll and support children with diabetes by providing free insulin and blood glucose monitoring equipment, contributing to better diabetes control. The initiative underscores the urgency of addressing Type 1 diabetes in Pakistani children and preventing avoidable fatalities through increased awareness and accessible healthcare services.