Pharrell Williams unveils louis vuitton’s spring menswear collection at paris fashion week.

Pharrell Williams made a striking debut at Paris Fashion Week, kickstarting the event with Louis Vuitton’s spring menswear show on Tuesday night. The runway featured a distinctive array of sharp, intricately adorned American West-inspired ensembles.

The show commenced with Native American drumming, setting the tone for models showcasing silver-tipped cowboy boots, denim chaps, wide-brimmed cowboy hats, and silky western shirts adorned with pointy collars.

Turquoise studs embellished suits, and sequined jackets sparkled with Louis Vuitton logos. Show notes highlighted the evolution of the Louis Vuitton dandy through the American western tradition of dressing up, showcasing handbags collaboratively designed with artists from the Dakota and Lakota nations, along with Timberland-labeled shoes.

This marked Williams’ third presentation since assuming creative direction for Louis Vuitton’s menswear line last year. The LVMH-owned label, recognized as the world’s largest fashion brand, has unveiled approximately 50 temporary stores globally to showcase its latest offerings.

Pharrell Williams’ first show took place on the Pont Neuf in Paris in June, featuring a street party with performances by Williams and Jay-Z. His second runway presentation occurred in Hong Kong in November, featuring sailor suits and Hawaiian prints against the backdrop of the city’s skyline after dark.

LVMH is set to release its annual financial results on January 25, providing insights into the performance of this industry bellwether over the crucial holiday season. The demand for luxury apparel has experienced a recent softening, attributed to consumers scaling back on high-end purchases due to the rising cost of living.