Sofía Vergara reflects on media fesponse following divorce from Joe Manganiello.

Sofía Vergara, navigating life post-split from Joe Manganiello, credits the media for their respectful coverage. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the Modern Family alum expressed her surprise at the balanced and accurate reporting on their divorce, contrary to her initial expectations of sensationalism.

Vergara acknowledged the inevitability of public scrutiny for celebrities but appreciated the media’s restraint in not inventing stories. She stated, “I was surprised, and, you know, they, they kind of just said what it was, and that was it. You’re out there [in the public eye], and people know that’s part of being a celebrity. I knew it was gonna happen. You can’t hide those things.”

The couple publicly announced their decision to divorce in July 2023 through an exclusive statement to PageSix, with Manganiello filing two days later. Laura Wasser, Manganiello’s lawyer, cited irreconcilable differences in the divorce filing. Vergara later requested the judge to uphold their prenuptial agreement, a request mirrored by Manganiello, as they navigate the division of assets, including jewelry, artwork, and pre- and post-marriage earnings.