Election Commission Rejects Senate Election Delay, Sets Stage for February 8 Polls

In a significant turn of events, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has declined the proposal to postpone the Senate elections, setting the stage for the scheduled polls on February 8th.

The Election Commission conveyed its decision through a letter sent to the Senate Secretariat, expressing its stance against deferring the elections, as specified in the approved resolution related to the Senate polls scheduled for February 8th nationwide.

The letter emphasizes that the Election Commission, after a thorough review, has announced the polling date of February 8th, based on consultations with the President of the country. The letter underscores that the government is advised to ensure security and peace during the electoral process. This reaffirms the commitment of the Election Commission, as expressed in the Supreme Court, to hold elections on February 8th, aligning with the decision made by the President.

It is noteworthy that Senator Daulat Khan was the first to propose the resolution for delaying the elections, and it gained considerable support in the Senate. However, the Election Commission’s decisive response indicates a divergence of opinion on the appropriateness of delaying the polls.

The Election Commission’s letter also refers to the Supreme Court’s firm commitment to conducting elections on February 8th. It points out that while past general elections and local government elections were held in winter, it is not advisable to delay the Senate elections at this juncture. The letter implies that the commission believes that delaying the elections in the current circumstances is not in line with the national interest, and it would not be conducive to the successful conduct of the electoral process.

It’s important to note that on January 5th, Senator Daulat Khan initially presented the resolution to postpone the elections, receiving substantial approval in the Senate where 14 senators were present at the time of the approval. Additionally, another agreement, which pertains to holding elections in FATA, was brought forward by independent senator Hidayat ur Rehman.

The rejection of the proposal to delay Senate elections indicates a commitment from the Election Commission to uphold the democratic process and adhere to the scheduled electoral timeline.