Supreme Court Rejects PTI’s Contempt of Court Petition Against Election Commission

In a recent development, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, led by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, dismissed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) petition accusing the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) of contempt of court regarding the issue of denied permission for the ‘level playing field.’

The three-member bench, under the Chief Justice’s leadership, heard the contempt of court petition against the ECP filed by the PTI. During the hearing, PTI’s counsel, Latif Khosa, announced the withdrawal of the contempt petition, emphasizing the party’s commitment to pursuing legal avenues for the preservation of democracy. Khosa stated that they would prefer to go to the court of the people for the survival of democracy.

Khosa explained that they decided to withdraw the petition in response to instructions received, stating, “We have received instructions to withdraw the request. On the night of January 13, a decision was made that deprived us of over 230 seats. We came to the court for a level playing field, but on the night of January 13, a decision was made at 11:30 PM that shattered PTI’s hopes. What can we expect now for a level playing field?”

He further elaborated that although the Election Commission could revoke electoral symbols, it could not force a political party out of the parliament, emphasizing that PTI candidates would still participate in the free and fair elections.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed inquired about the perception that elections were not transparent. In response, Khosa asserted that the elections were entirely unfair, stating, “We have given blood for justice, made sacrifices.”

Justice Mushir Alam intervened, stating that both parties should be allowed to speak. Khosa responded that discussing another case in this matter was inappropriate, asserting that the Supreme Court’s decision would affect them.

Khosa highlighted that they had formed an alliance with another party, and the head of that party held a press conference in Italy. He expressed concern that despite forming an alliance, preparations were being made to initiate proceedings against them. Following the Supreme Court’s decision, PTI members, now free from parliamentary politics, would contest the elections independently.

The Supreme Court, by rejecting PTI’s contempt petition, has reaffirmed its commitment to preserving democratic values while setting the stage for transparent and fair elections in Pakistan.