Implementation of Stringent COVID-19 Screening Measures for International Flights by CAA

In accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) directives, strict COVID-19 screening measures for all international flights are set to be immediately enforced. The CAA announced that, following the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), COVID-19 screening for two percent of passengers on every flight will be gradually initiated.

The implementation includes mandatory rapid antigen tests for two percent of passengers on each international flight, ensuring a thorough examination to identify potential cases of COVID-19. This move aligns with global efforts to curb the spread of the virus and enhances the safety protocols in aviation.

Authorities further stated that passengers will be required to undergo at least one screening in lounges during the day. This additional precaution is aimed at monitoring and addressing any potential health risks among travelers.

A spokesperson for the CAA emphasized that comprehensive instructions have been issued to airport authorities, and the Border Health Services officials are instructed to collaborate closely to ensure the seamless execution of these measures. The directives underline the commitment to providing every possible assistance to the officers of Border Health Services in their responsibilities at airports.

This step is part of a broader strategy to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission and protect both passengers and aviation personnel. The aviation sector’s adaptation to evolving health and safety protocols remains pivotal in ensuring a secure and controlled environment for international travel.

As the aviation industry navigates the challenges posed by the pandemic, these intensified measures signify a proactive approach to minimize potential health threats. The CAA’s commitment to aligning with international standards reinforces the importance of global cooperation in tackling the persisting challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

The immediate implementation of robust screening measures for international flights reflects the aviation industry’s dedication to prioritizing public health and safety. These measures not only adhere to global guidelines but also demonstrate a collective effort to instill confidence in air travel during these challenging