Security Forces Eliminate Terrorists in Covert Operation in Tank District

In a targeted operation based on intelligence input, security forces successfully conducted a covert mission in the Tank district, resulting in the elimination of two terrorists. The operation, carried out on the nights of January 4th and 5th, involved an exchange of gunfire between security forces and the terrorists.

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the operation was initiated upon receiving credible information about the presence of terrorists in the area. The ensuing encounter led to the neutralization of two terrorists.

ISPR identified one of the slain terrorists as Gul Yousaf, also known by the alias “Tank.” Gul Yousaf was reportedly involved in terrorist activities, including attacks in Gul Yousaf Tank and DI Khan, along with his participation in heinous crimes such as the killing of innocent civilians and extortion.

The ISPR further disclosed that Gul Yousaf, considered highly wanted, had a bounty of 2.5 million Pakistani Rupees on his head. The residents of the Tank district appreciated the security forces for their successful operation against the notorious terrorist, ensuring the safety of the local population.

This operation highlights the commitment of Pakistan’s security forces to maintaining law and order by swiftly responding to actionable intelligence. The neutralization of Gul Yousaf underscores the security forces’ dedication to eradicating terrorism and ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens in the region.