Punjab chief minister Maryam nawaz introduces AI technology for traffic violation monitoring.

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has given approval for the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect and monitor traffic violations in the province. Initially, the AI system will focus on monitoring violations related to not wearing helmets and seat belts in the first phase. Subsequently, it will be expanded to include 24 different traffic rule violations for issuing e-challans.

The AI-based e-challan system will be initiated first in Lahore and later expanded across the entire province. The decision aims to enhance traffic management and improve road safety by ensuring strict enforcement of traffic rules.

In addition to AI technology, the Chief Minister emphasized the immediate removal of temporary encroachments at 31 locations to facilitate smoother traffic flow. However, directives were issued to set up designated cart lines for poor vendors instead of removing their carts. Furthermore, measures such as installing tire teasers at 88 locations to prevent one-way violations were discussed.

During the briefing on the traffic management program, Maryam Nawaz stressed the importance of enforcing traffic rules rigorously to protect the lives of innocent citizens. In another development, the Chief Minister unveiled a plan to construct 100,000 houses for underprivileged individuals in the province, with easy installment payment options. The initiatives reflect the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for public welfare and urban development.