China sees soaring new year holiday travel with 155% surge in domestic trips.

Over the three-day New Year’s holiday, China experienced a significant surge in domestic travel, witnessing 135 million domestic tourist trips, marking a remarkable 155% increase compared to the previous year. The domestic tourism revenue also rose to 79.73 billion yuan ($11.23 billion), showcasing a robust recovery in the travel sector. More than 128 million passenger trips were recorded on China’s transport network during the holidays, a 78.4% increase from 2023 and a 33.1% rise from 2022. Despite cold weather, the popularity of music festivals, concerts, and ice and snow leisure activities contributed to the thriving holiday season. The Ministry of Transport reported a 177.5% year-on-year surge in railway passenger trips and a 140.3% increase in air passenger trips. Provinces like Heilongjiang leveraged wintry conditions to promote ice and snow tourism, contributing to the overall boost in holiday travel. Beijing’s voucher distribution and support for ice and snow-themed projects also played a role in stimulating holiday demand and driving economic activity.