Escalating False Flag Operations and Anti-Pakistan Propaganda by Modi Government Ahead of Indian Elections

As the upcoming elections draw near in India, the Modi government has intensified false flag operations and anti-Pakistan propaganda. Recently, the Indian government accused freedom fighters of launching an attack on the Indian military in the Saran Kot area, located 15 to 20 kilometers inside Indian-administered territory from the Line of Control (LoC).

Allegations against Pakistan gained momentum through fake Twitter accounts and Godi Media (‘lapdog’ media) without concrete evidence. Modi’s administration has a history of conducting numerous false flag operations, purportedly aimed at stirring anti-Pakistan sentiments and garnering sympathy in the elections.

Experts suggest that the primary objective behind false flag operations is to manipulate public sentiment against Pakistan and gain support in elections. The Modi government has a track record of conducting such operations, notably before Republic Day on January 25, during the J20 summit in Rajouri on April 26, and in Ponch, Anantnag, and Neelum on May 21, September 14, and October 28, respectively.

On October 5, the Indian media falsely accused Pakistan of aiding terrorists in a terror attack in Rajouri. In reality, a Major from the Indian military had accidentally killed five Indian soldiers in firing.

Experts emphasize that the Kashmir region faces an escalating series of Indian atrocities, with security conditions worsening due to the continuous oppression in the occupied territory. The Modi government’s reliance on false flag operations and anti-Pakistan propaganda raises concerns about its commitment to regional stability and the impact on Indo-Pak relations. The situation underscores the need for international scrutiny and mediation to address the ongoing tensions and prevent further destabilization in the region.