Pakistani PM’s Advisor Anwar Kakar Addresses Challenges Posed by Illegal Immigrants

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis, Anwar Kakar, highlighted the issue of illegal immigrants in Pakistan, stating that the country has seen an influx of nearly the population of Ireland in the past few decades. Kakar emphasized that permitting the establishment of such a significant number of illegal immigrants poses a threat to national security and cannot be further tolerated.

In a special write-up in a British newspaper, Kakar pointed out that since August 2021, at least 16 Afghan nationals have carried out suicide attacks in Pakistan. Whenever security issues were discussed with the Afghan government, Kakar stated that Pakistan consistently urged them to address the matter. In response, Pakistan made the decision to rectify its own affairs, ensuring that its dealings are conducted appropriately.

Kakar criticized the widespread allegations on social media regarding Pakistan’s policy on illegal immigrants, labeling them as baseless. He reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to creating a secure, peaceful, and prosperous nation. He acknowledged the challenge of managing such a large number of illegal immigrants and emphasized that Pakistan’s objective is to make the country safe for its citizens. Kakar stated that many illegal immigrants are involved in the black market, evade taxes, and contribute to the underworld, leading to strict regulations and penalties for such individuals.

Highlighting Pakistan’s efforts to address the issue, Kakar mentioned the establishment of approximately 79 transit centers that provide free food, shelter, and medical facilities to illegal immigrants. He emphasized the importance of treating illegal individuals with respect and enforcing stringent measures for better behavior.

Moreover, Kakar mentioned that countries like Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and others also face challenges related to illegal immigrants. Pakistan has offered lenient registration processes and multiple opportunities for voluntary repatriation. Kakar concluded by affirming Pakistan’s commitment to managing the issue of illegal immigrants through a comprehensive approach that considers humanitarian aspects while ensuring national security.