Pakistan-U.S. Discussions on Cross-Border Illegal Activities and Counterterrorism Measures

In Islamabad, negotiations have taken place between Pakistani and American officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, addressing concerns related to the influx of illegal foreigners and the misuse of Afghan territory for terrorist activities within Pakistan. The meeting, reportedly between Special U.S. Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, delved into various aspects, including the entry of illegal non-nationals and the utilization of Afghan soil for terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Sources indicate that discussions also covered the anticipated repatriation of around 25,000 Afghans residing unlawfully in the United States. Moreover, practical measures to eliminate banned organizations, including proscribed entities like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), were reportedly on the agenda.

According to the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the high-level American envoys’ visit to Pakistan focused not only on Afghanistan but also addressed various reservations during the discussions. The spokesperson emphasized that concerns raised by Pakistan would be communicated to U.S. authorities, particularly those pertaining to the reported misuse of Pakistani passports by Afghan officials.

It is worth noting that bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States have witnessed an unusual surge in recent days. In the span of eight days, three top-ranking U.S. officials are visiting Pakistan, underlining the significance of the ongoing dialogues.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated that the discussions with American officials encompass a broader spectrum, extending beyond Afghanistan. It was conveyed that the recent intensification in diplomatic engagements signifies a notable increase in mutual cooperation and understanding between Pakistan and the United States.

In the coming days, additional discussions are expected, as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Elizabeth Horscroft, is scheduled to visit Pakistan from December 9, further strengthening the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

This surge in diplomatic activity reflects the shared commitment of Pakistan and the United States to address common concerns and collaborate on regional stability, counterterrorism efforts, and the broader geopolitical landscape. The outcomes of these discussions are anticipated to shape the trajectory of the relationship between the two nations in the evolving dynamics of the South Asian region.