Government Forms 23 Expert Groups for 13th Five-Year Plan on Key Economic Matters

The government has established 23 expert groups comprising specialists who are gearing up to formulate the 13th Five-Year Plan, spanning 2024-2029. This comprehensive plan encompasses crucial areas such as microeconomic frameworks, balance of payments, government development programs, food and agriculture, population, poverty alleviation, governance reforms, and more. Approximately 500 experts have been divided into these groups, tasked with submitting their recommendations by December 15.

Each working group, represented by a Team Leader, is mandated to collaborate, share insights, and prepare recommendations for discussion on issues and their resolutions. The decision for each group’s Chairperson will be made during the respective group’s sessions. Furthermore, the Chairperson has the option to nominate another member as the Co-Chairperson.

In response to a notification issued by the Ministry of Planning and Special Initiatives, the Secretary of the Ministry has officially formed these working groups. The designated groups cover a wide range of areas, including microeconomic frameworks, group investment and savings, balance of payments, financial, monetary, and capital market developments, public sector development programs, nutrition, agriculture, rural development, industry, investment, and competition, information and communication technology, population, energy, basic education, and technology-based development, health, labor, employment, and skills development, youth and sports, mass media, culture, national heritage, and tourism, water resources, transport, and logistics, physical planning and housing, poverty, social protection and women empowerment, administrative reforms and governance, balanced development in less developed regions, environmental change and conservation, and disaster management.

This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to involve experts across diverse fields to shape a comprehensive and strategic roadmap for economic and social development over the next five years. The collaborative efforts of these expert groups are expected to yield informed and effective policy recommendations for fostering sustainable growth and addressing key challenges faced by the nation.