Power Outage at Sawai Mansingh Stadium Creates Laughter in Richest Cricket Board’s World

In a surprising turn of events, the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, the host of the fourth T20 match between India and Australia, became the epicenter of laughter due to a lack of electricity. According to reports in the Indian media, the stadium, which hosts the Rajasthan Cricket Association, faced a power outage as the electricity bill of INR 10.61 crore (approximately $1.43 million) remained unpaid, resulting in the disconnection of the power supply.

The report suggests that the electricity bill had not been settled since 2009, leading to the disconnection of the stadium’s power connection five years prior. The Chhattisgarh Cricket Association filed a temporary request for an electricity connection, which was granted only for the spectator galleries and boxes. Meanwhile, the floodlights during the match were operated through generators.

The media reports further indicate that both the Public Works Department and the Sports Department are pointing fingers at each other for the failure to pay the bill. The power connection to the stadium was severed as a result of the outstanding dues, creating an ironic situation where one of the wealthiest cricket boards in the world faced embarrassment due to a lack of electricity during an international T20 match.

The incident highlights the need for better coordination and responsibility within the administrative departments responsible for managing such prestigious cricket venues. The laughter-inducing power outage serves as a stark reminder that even the most affluent cricket boards must ensure the seamless functioning of basic amenities to maintain the integrity and reputation of their hosting venues