Bollywood Stars Ranveer Hooda and Leen Laishram Tie the Knot in Traditional Ceremony

In a joyous celebration of love, Bollywood actor Ranveer Hooda and Leen Laishram have officially entered the bonds of matrimony. The couple confirmed their union a few days ago on social media, with images from their wedding now circulating widely.

The ceremony took place on November 29, and both Ranveer and Leen had previously announced the impending nuptials. Ranveer and Leen chose to solemnize their union in the serene region of Imphal in the state of Manipur, with the festivities set to unfold in the vibrant city of Mumbai.

For the occasion, both the bride and groom opted for traditional wedding attire, embracing the cultural richness of Manipuri weddings. Ranveer Hooda donned a classic white ensemble with a traditional dhoti, paired with a yellow turban, adding a touch of regality to his look. Leen, the bride, adorned herself in the customary Manipuri bridal attire, a beautifully embellished ensemble in white and pink hues, exemplifying the traditional aesthetics of Manipur.

Official footage of the wedding, shared on social media platforms by the Press Trust of India, captures the essence of the ceremony. The videos showcase the couple’s radiant smiles, the vibrant colors of the festivities, and the cultural richness embedded in every ritual.

Speaking to the media ahead of the wedding, Ranveer Hooda expressed his respect for the traditions associated with Manipuri weddings. He emphasized that marrying within the cultural traditions of the bride is a gesture of honoring and dignifying her heritage. Ranveer expressed his desire to embrace and experience the customs of his partner fully, ensuring a respectful and harmonious union.

The couple’s decision to celebrate their love in Imphal adds a touch of cultural significance to their union, as they embark on this new chapter of life together. Ranveer and Leen’s wedding not only marks a personal milestone for the couple but also stands as a celebration of diversity and the merging of cultural traditions in the realm of Bollywood.